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Natural Cleaning Products – Clean Without Chemicals

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If you have found this post, I’m guessing it’s because, like many of us, you take pride in the cleanliness of your home. But after looking into veganism, and eco-friendly living, you’re wondering about natural cleaning products and how to clean without chemicals, am I right?

Well, don’t stress, ’cause I’ve got you covered!

I’m going to tell you about the best cleaning products that are vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly! How awesome is that? (I know, so awesome!)

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Natural cleaning products and the environment

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved the feeling you get after you clean a room. The sparkle of clean bath taps, the smooth lines of a freshly made bed, the smell of a newly cleaned kitchen. It’s a feast for the senses (or maybe that’s just me!)

But until I switched to a vegan lifestyle, I never considered the products I was using to clean my home. Sure, I always made sure that I clean with products that are cruelty free, but that doesn’t mean that they are environmentally friendly too!

The problem with these non eco-friendly items, is that when they get flushed down your toilet, bath and sinks, they end up in the water ways, rivers, streams, and eventually the ocean. Here, they kill off marine life, river life and pollute our water. Not to mention aerosols, CFC’s, metals and toxic chemicals are damaging to wildlife, the environment – and us.

So the question has to be asked – how do you clean your home without using nasty chemicals? How do we find these natural cleaning products?

It’s a tall order, but someone came up with the answer!

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Introducing Method Cleaning Products

In my local supermarket, in the cleaning aisle, is a gem of under advertised products. These products are a natural, vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly range called Method.

If I’m honest, I stumbled across them because someone had accidentally put a bottle of this product alongside my regular washing up liquid! I found the rest of the products, and found a whole range of natural cleaning products that were exactly what I had been looking for. Tears of joy rolled down my face…(okay maybe not!)

But I have been using these products for the last 18 months, and I still can’t get over how wonderful they are! Not only do they clean brilliantly (yes, the stainless steel still sparkles!) but they smell amazing too!

You can get everything from bathroom, and kitchen cleaners, to washing powder and washing up liquid, and it all works just as well (if not better) than your leading brand cleaners, and it’s better for the environment, you and the animals too!

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Where exactly can I get these wonderful cleaning


As I mentioned above, I originally found these wonders in my local supermarket, and so can you. I now buy mine on Amazon as it’s easier to order it before I run out, and it’s cheaper!

Here are the main ones that I use:

What is Method all about?

Here are some interesting facts about the Method brand:

  • In September 2012, Method and Ecover joined forces to create the biggest ever green cleaning company
  • Method has a team of engineers, scientists and formulators to test their products to make sure they truly are green. They are known as ‘greenskeepers!’
  • All Method ingredients are assessed to make sure they are safe for people, animals and the environment
  • All products are biodegradable, safe for marine and river life and non toxic
  • They are always seeking new ways to make products that don’t compromise on environmental performance and cleaning performance
  • If they can’t find a way to make a product that is completely green, they wont make it
  • All Method products are non toxic, do not give off any toxic fumes and are safe for children, pets, and the environment, without diminishing cleaning performance
  • Method natural cleaning products are made in Belgium, France, and the US
  • Method products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. This means none of the ingredients, nor the final products are tested on or derived from animals. Although Method does not endorse or support animal testing, some of their suppliers may have used animal testing in other companies’ products. But Method obtains statements from their suppliers that no testing is done on their behalf and seek alternative measures to test their products instead. They are also lobbying to encourage non animal testing alternatives for our future
  • Method only sources palm oil from sustainable sources

So as you can see, Method is pretty fabulous! I would highly recommend giving them a try. I just know you won’t be disappointed!

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Have you tried Method products? Do you use a different eco-friendly brand that you can recommend?


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