About me

About Me

Hi, I’m Claire. I live in the South West of England with my husband, Simon, our two cats, Gypsy and Nutmeg, and our guinea pigs, Munch and Lacey.

I have a son, who is now off at University doing wonderful things with his life, and learning to be an Astrophysicist!

I have spent most of my teen and adult career life in retail. Working in various different genres from pet shops to blind and curtain makers and everything in between. I now work for a discount retailer in my home town with a great bunch of people, as an Assistant Manager.

Where have I come from?

I have suffered with anxiety since I was a little girl (although I didn’t know what it was then). In later life, this developed into depression too; and led to me suffering with IBS, a painful and sometimes debilitating illness which is also incredibly embarrassing.

When I met my husband, I had been suffering regularly with IBS attacks and was ashamed to tell him what it was. Anyone who has this condition knows that when it strikes, it causes unbearable pain and often will have you running to the loo within minutes of eating a meal. Little did I know, that he would be the start of changing how I viewed my illness.

My husband happens to find toilet humour hilarious! So pain aside, I learned to see the funny side of IBS (you have to laugh or you go crazy!) It was a while after this that I had to take time off of work due to stress. At this point I was having tests to diagnose my IBS officially as my GP had concerns that it might be something more serious.

I was finally diagnosed, and advised by the gastroenterologist that my particular illness was due to anxiety. I had CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) counselling and learned how to manage my anxiety through positivity, and having a different outlook on life.

So, to cut a long story a little shorter, after all of this, I found that I didn’t really know who I was anymore, and I literally had to start at square one again.

Where am I going?

I decided to start with the one thing I have always loved – animals. This took me to vegetarianism and, eventually,┬áveganism. I also, along the way became great friends with a woman I now consider to be my soul sister. (Yup, I didn’t believe in them before I met her either, but stay with me here.) She helped me to discover things I never knew about myself.

And now, here I am, to share my story and my life. I love sharing positivity with people, and making people smile. While I know that a positive attitude can’t solve everything, I truly believe it can help us take on life’s challenges with a spring in our step, and help us find solutions that we didn’t know were there.

What will you find here at Upbeat Vegan?

I would love to share with you the methods I use to manage my anxiety. The things I am learning about spirituality, veganism and living positively. I hope to help you or inspire you or just make you laugh. But through sharing our ideas and experiences, we make our worlds a little better. I truly believe that with a little positivity, our lives really do improve.

So there we have it, I’m learning about me, and I have discovered a few cool things along the way. I would like to invite you to join me on the rest of my journey.

I would love to hear your own stories and discoveries. We can all help each other in this fantastic adventure we call life!

Love Claire

The Upbeat Vegan.

Please feel free to email me at upbeatvegan@gmail.com


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