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22 Gift Ideas For Vegans

Looking for great gift ideas for vegans? In this gift guide, you will find a whole host of ideas for even the pickiest of people! #vegangiftguide #vegangiftideas #whattobuyforavegan

Great gift ideas for all types of vegans #vegangifts #giftsforvegans #vegangiftideas

It can be kind of daunting when someone you love tells you they have decided to become vegan. What do you feed them at special meals? Where can you take them on a day out? And when it comes to gift ideas for vegans, what can you buy them that won’t cause offence?

In this post on vegan gift ideas, I think I can help! Being vegan for a few years myself now, there are some products I absolutely love, some that I cannot possibly live without. And of course, there are some on my wish list!

If you would like some ideas on what to buy for your special vegan, you’ve come to the right place!

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Below are 22 great gift ideas for vegans. From food lovers to beauty fanatics, you’re sure to find something they will love.

1. Gifts ideas for vegan food lovers.

Personally I love sweet stuff! But some prefer a savoury taste. Here are some gift ideas for vegans who really like their food 🙂

Products from Amazon.com

2. Gifts for vegans who like a glass of something stronger!

A bottle of something fizzy always goes down well, especially when you top them off with a little extra!

Products from Amazon.com

3. Gifts to pamper them

For those who love a bit of pampering, these vegan bath gift sets are a perfect choice

Products from Amazon.com

4. Novelty Vegan Mugs

When you’re really stuck for great gift ideas for vegans, a new mug always goes down well! Here are a selection of vegan inspired mugs for the tea or coffee drinker:

Products from Amazon.com

5. Vegan Colouring Books

If you’re vegan loved one likes creative hobbies, why not treat them to a vegan inspired colouring book?

Products from Amazon.com

6. Cookery Books

For the new vegan, finding easy to cook recipes can be difficult, and even for those of us that have been living the lifestyle for a while. Help them find the perfect food with these vegan cookery books:

Products from Amazon.com

7. Journals

Journaling is a favourite hobby of mine! I love to write down my experiences, thoughts and plans. A great gift idea for the organised vegan in your life!

Products from Amazon.com

8. Vegan Leather Watches

Many people don’t consider that vegans can’t wear leather watch straps. Show that you’re one step ahead of the game with these stylish vegan leather watches!

Products from Amazon.com

9. Vegan Slogan T-Shirts

Let your favourite vegan show their support for the ‘movement’ with one of these funny vegan slogan tees.

Products from Amazon.com

10. Vegan Slogan Jewellery

A piece of jewellery is always a great gift idea! Now you can team that up with a vegan message for your loved ones.

Products from Amazon.com

11. Gift Ideas For Vegans Who Love Their Tech

These vegan slogan mouse mats are sure to put a smile on their face!

Products from Amazon.com

12. Soy Candles

Not all candles are created equal! Some are made with beeswax, which isn’t vegan, and some are made with paraffin, which isn’t eco-friendly. These candles from Amazon are made with soywax which is plant protein, so they are better for the environment – and for you!

Products from Amazon.com

13. Shopping bags

With the growing trend in reusable shopping bags, these funny slogan bags will make great gift ideas for vegans

Products from Amazon.com

14. Kitchen Blenders

Whether you’re thinking juicer, blender or full scale food processor, every vegan I know loves theirs! I personally cannot live without my food processor, I use it for soups, cakes, smoothies and so much more. This would be the perfect gift for a vegan who loves to cook!

Products from Amazon.com

15. Cushions

A perfect housewarming present! Give the gift of cushions, she will love you for it! (I can’t promise her husband will though!)

Products from Amazon.com

16. Bumper Stickers

If you’re vegan loved one is a driver, treat them to their very own bumper sticker! There are so many to choose from, here are just a few:

Products from Amazon.com

17. Wall Art

Another great gift idea for new home owners or as a joint gift for your vegan friends. Wall art that looks good in any room!

Products from Amazon.com

18. Vegan Slogan Aprons

For the vegans that love to cook, a funny apron will go down a treat!

Products from Amazon.com

19. Membership Gifts

When it comes to the travellers among your vegan friends, there’s nothing better than a free day out! Treating your loved ones to an English Heritage or National Trust membership is a fantastic idea that they will love and get so much use out of!

20. Animal Charity Donation

Something I love to do is donate to local animal charities; in fact, at present, I am supporting The Vegan Society with 10% of all sales from my shop! It would make a great present for a vegan you know if you were to make a donation in their name to an animal charity of their choice.

21. Donation To The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society is where most vegans will end up getting their information to start with. The work they do is essential for promoting veganism for the people, the animals and the environment. You can donate in your vegan loved ones’ name here.

22. Magazine Subscriptions

Vegan magazine subscriptions are a great source of information for us vegans. It keeps us up to date on what’s going on in the world of veganism, the latest projects that our favourite charities are working on and great tasting recipes that we can try. Save your loved ones the cost of their magazine by buying them a subscription for a year!


So there we have it! You are sure to find something for your favourite vegan amongst the ideas above. And don’t forget, you can find a few great ideas in my shop too! 

Do you have any other ideas for vegan gifts? Share them below!

22 awesome gift ideas for that special vegan, there's so much to choose from! #giftideasforvegans #vegangiftideas #veganpresentsWith so many gift ideas to choose from, you will find it hard to pick just one! #giftsforvegans #vegangifts #vegangiftideas





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