22 Gift Ideas For The Vegan In Your Life

22 gift ideas for the vegan in your life

It can be kind of daunting when someone you love tells you they have decided to become vegan. What do you feed them at special meals? Where can you take them on a day out? And when it comes to gift ideas, what can you buy them that won’t cause offence?

In this post on vegan gift ideas, I think I can help! Being vegan for a few years myself now, there are some products I absolutely love, some that I cannot possibly live without. And of course, there are some on my wish list!


For my friends across the ocean…

It recently came to my attention that a whopping 65% of you are from the USA! And I absolutely cannot be neglecting you! So half of the gifts on this list are just for your vegan friends and family (or for yourselves! 😉 )

If you would like some ideas on what to buy for your special vegan, read on…

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22 gift ideas for the vegan in your life

22 gift ideas for the vegan in your life

Gift ideas for the home

When it comes to cooking, a lot of us vegans love to cook from scratch when we have the time. Preparing and cooking food that we love and know nourishes our bodies can be very therapeutic. Why not consider a a shiny new kitchen gadget as a gift?

This smoothie maker would be a great addition to any vegan kitchen. I love smoothies! I have a food processor that just about does the trick in the blender part, but I’ve had my eye on this for a while now!

And of course no smoothie maker is complete without a smoothie recipe book! This one by Lakeland is fantastic. It contains over 100 smoothie recipes that enable you to get all the fruits and veggies you need in a tasty drink every day!

Another great idea for a vegan kitchen is a rice cooker. We eat a lot of rice in our house, and it saves so much time to have our handy cooker! This one was a present from my Dad for christmas as we kind of wore the old one out!

It cooks the rice just right, every time, and it also comes with a handy vegetable steamer which is perfect for vegetable curries to keep the crispness of the veg rather than boiling it into smush!

A perfect companion for the rice cooker is this book: Quick & Easy Rice Cooker Meals. We also enjoy a bit of inspiration and a challenge!

Travel gifts

My best friend and I love to travel together. One of our favourite places to go is Glastonbury, which luckily is quite vegan friendly. But that’s not always the case, and if I am travelling somewhere for the first time, I will always make a point of looking up places to eat and things to do.

For the travelling vegan, there are some great gift options:

Check out this vegan travel guide by Caitlin Galer-Unti. Packed with ideas on how to find places to eat, stay and shop, as well as connecting with local people, this is a must have for any vegan!

And to help your vegan friend document their travels, why not throw a bullet journal in as a little something extra?

For the beauty concsious

Buying make up and beauty products is one of the hardest things for vegans. It’s not always clearly labelled on the product if it is cruelty free or not, and we don’t know every brand out there!

With a little shopping around, we do alright; But why not treat that special someone in your life to a hassle free present?

22 gift ideas for the vegan in your life

This lashes and lip set by Beauty Without Cruelty is a perfect gift. It even comes with a make up bag – bonus! And no beauty gift would be complete without a vegan perfume to go with it! This White Musk fragrance mist by The Body Shop is so lovely. I absolutely adore White Musk – but not at the expense of an animal, so this one is my go-to.

And of course, we mustn’t forget the men! This mancave survival kit is a range of vegan toiletries, and Mancave also do a deodorant if you want to really spoil your man!

Food lovers!

I have yet to meet a vegan who doesn’t swoon when they find dairy free chocolate! I personally look forward to Christmas (and birthdays too) as someone invariably goes for the ‘treat box’ gift for me! It’s choc full of vegan goodies – and I don’t share!

22 gift ideas for the vegan in your life

 There is so much choice inside, from chocolate, to flapjack, crisps and vegan jelly sweets. This box is made by The Goodness Project who have so many wonderful gift ideas, you won’t know where to start!

As promised: American options… 🙂

Kitchen gadgets

A spiralizer is always a welcome addition to our kitchens. They save so much time with food prep! With a vegan lifestyle, there are soooo many veggies to be chopped! But of course, this wouldn’t be the complete vegan gift idea without a shiny new recipe book! How about this Spiralizer Cookbook?  It provides 100 noodle recipes that can be made in less than 30 minutes! A must have for busy vegans.

Another great idea, especially for working vegans, is a crock pot. Being able to chuck everything into a slow cooker in the morning and then return after a hard days work to the smell of plant based wonderfulness is every vegans idea of heaven! And don’t forget to add in a handy recipe book, like The Crockpot Recipe Collection to go with it, you will be their best friend for life!

Travel gifts

Luckily,  Caitlin Galer-Unti’s Essential Vegan Travel Guide is also available in America! A great treat for any vegan travellers you may know. And a travel passport holder/wallet would be a great addition to this wonderful gift.


If your favourite vegan is into make up, this cruelty free eyeshadow pallet is a must have. Pair it with some great quality brushes and you have yourself a perfect gift right there!

And snacks!

Snack boxes are always popular, no matter where you live! Why not treat a vegan loved one to a healthy snack box all of their own – just don’t expect them to share with you!

Remember the men…

If the vegan in your life happens to be your boyfriend/husband, this   T-shirt would make an ideal present! Or if he’s in need of a new wallet, you could consider this eco-friendly cork wallet. Guaranteed to brighten his day either way!

So there we have it, 22 gift ideas for the vegan in your life! Wherever your’re from! I hope you enjoyed this round up, and find the perfect gift(s) for your friends and family.

Do you have any go-to items you always buy for vegans you know? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new inspiration!

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Vegan Gift Ideas for UK and USA


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