12 Gift Ideas For Your Animal Friends

If you want to find the perfect present for your little furry friends, then I've got the answers! Check out my gift guide for animals. #animalgiftguide #petgifts #treatsforpets

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When thinking of gift ideas for your loved ones, it’s often easy to overlook the furry ones in the household! But we mustn’t forget our animal friends at Christmas, they are as much a part of our family as the humans in our homes.

If you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift ideas for your animal companions, worry not! Below is a wealth of choice for your cats, dogs or little critter friends! Have fun!

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Gifts for your favourite cat friends


Cats love toys! Anything that moves will generally go down well, as you obviously know. But try to pick interactive toys; cats love to play with their humans, and it’s great for the bonding experience, here are a few gift ideas that my husband and I love for our little bundles of joy:


When it comes to treating your cats, always make sure you pick something that is healthy, and give sparingly. Indoor cats, especially can be prone to weight gain! These are some of the treats that our cats love:


Is it time to get your kitty friend a new bed? Cats love something warm and snuggly to cuddle up in, here are some great gift ideas, that have been tried and tested by ours:

Some other ideas too…

If none of the above is quite going to cut it for your special friend, here are some luxury gift ideas, from scratching trees, to posh water bowls!:

Gifts for the dog of the house


Just like any other animal companions, dogs love to play with their humans. Lots of exercise is the key for mans best friend! While we don’t actually have dogs in our home, due to the size of our house and the amount of time we work; we have many friends with dogs, and asked them for their input on what works for their four-legged friends, here are their gift ideas:


And what dog doesn’t enjoy his treats? Here are few gift ideas, hand picked by the dog lovers of our community:


All dogs enjoy a good snuggle! Why not treat your friend to a new cosy bed or blanket? These are the top favourites:


Fancy something a little more…well, more? Luxury gift items are at an all time high for our animal friends at the moment, which just goes to show, how much we value their companionship:

Gift ideas for the little ones


Whether you’re buying for the bunny, guinea pig, or ratty friends, there are plenty of gift ideas here! Our guinea pigs love a good play session, and having had rats in the past too, I’m quite accustomed to what they tend to love to spend their time on!:


There are so many treat options to choose from! The only tip I can give you, is make sure its suitable for your type of little one:


Does your little friend like to snuggle up in something warm? Treat them to their very own bed! They will love you for it!:


For those of you that feel the urge to splurge on your small companion, here are some interesting options! A new cage is always a great option when you want to really treat your furry friends:

As a community of animal loving people, it’s goes without saying that they are included in the gifting seasons. But it’s not always easy to know what to buy them. Hopefully this post has helped to give you some ideas!

When you're buying gifts for the animals in your life, you want something fun to treat them with. This post is packed with awesome ideas! #awesomegiftideas #pettreats #christmaspetgiftsIf you're looking for the perfect gift for your pets, look no further! Check this post out to find some great ideas for your animal companions #holidaygiftsforpets #petgifts #giftsforpets


Do you have any tips on what to buy for our furbabies? Let us know in the comments below!


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