vegan fashion guide

What Is Vegan Fashion? – A Guide For The New Vegan

  Becoming vegan generally starts with your diet, but then branches out into other aspects of your life. You start to consider the make-up and bath products you use. The household cleaners need to be checked, and then there…

A varied diet is essential to ensure you are getting everything you nutrionally need on a vegan diet

Vegan Nutrition – What You Need To Know

  Becoming vegan is hard for most people. Not the reasons behind it, you know why you want to be vegan, whether it be for the animals, the environment, your health, or a combination. But when you start to think…

Take a look at the impact veganism has on our planet and how we can work together to minimise it

How Does Veganism Affect Our Planet?

Just how does veganism affect our planet? With the recent rise in the vegan market, are we aware of the impacts on the people who grow our food? In this post, I’d like to explore the effects of animal…

22 gift ideas for the vegan in your life

22 Gift Ideas For The Vegan In Your Life

It can be kind of daunting when someone you love tells you they have decided to become vegan. What do you feed them at special meals? Where can you take them on a day out? And when it comes…


Animals – The Reason I Chose Veganism

Anxiety and depression turned my world upside down, and left me feeling like I had no idea who I was anymore. I needed to work out what was important to me now. The one thing that has always been…

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